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For my studies, I made a replica of a Gabra home from Northern-Kenya. It felt weird to spend lots of energy in fading, destroying and dirtying out the textile pieces, in order to create an exact similar atmosphere. In order to make a tent that looks like it contains history. The beauty of the Gabra home is, in my opinion, the composition of random textiles that faded and aged into one aesthetic textile piece. After I build this first tent, I started to collect textile that was already old and broken. Next to that I collected waste from demolished buildings. I used the architectural waste for a second construction and created a cover out of the textile waste. By use of embroidery and coating surfaces, I made the various textiles into one piece. In the embroideries and coatings I also attached all the sketches from the making process of the tent. In this way I wanted to also add this history of the making proces, onto the place itself.